Saturday, March 11, 2017

Circle Crash!

Hey, everyone, here's a new manga I'm translating. It's about a normal girl joining a manga club full of otaku. It's basically Genshiken 2.0. I'll be updating this post. Enjoy!

Chapter 001:

Stop! Time! Chapter 001

Chapter 002:

Stop! Time! Chapter 002

(Or download it from HERE.)

Friday, March 3, 2017

Stop! Time!

Hey, guys, here's the third entry from the famous God series. This one is what you get when the creator of Umbrella Sword tries to make a love comedy. Enjoy.

Chapter 01:

Stop! Time! Chapter 01

Chapter 02:

Stop! Time! Chapter 02

Chapter 03:

Stop! Time! Chapter 03

Chapter 04:

Stop! Time! Chapter 04

Chapter 05:

Stop! Time! Chapter 05

Chapter 06:

Stop! Time! Chapter 06

Chapter 07:

Stop! Time! Chapter 07

Chapter 08:

Stop! Time! Chapter 08

Chapter 09:

Stop! Time! Chapter 09

Chapter 10:

Stop! Time! Chapter 10

Chapter 11:

Stop! Time! Chapter 11

Chapter 12:

Stop! Time! Chapter 12

(Or download it from HERE.)

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Umbrella Sword

Hey, guys, it's been a while. Here's a web manga I just finished translating today. It's the fourth entry from the famous God series which are all about a creepy God messing with little girls' lives, but I don't want to spoil everything. So make sure to give it a read. The art is sketchy as it is an amateur web manga from 2ch, but that shouldn't be an issue if you were able to enjoy Molester Man and Rabuta.

If you guys like it, I might translate the other entries of the series too.

Chapter 01:

Umbrella Sword Chapter 01

Chapter 02:

Umbrella Sword Chapter 02

Chapter 03:

Umbrella Sword Chapter 03

Chapter 04:

Umbrella Sword Chapter 04

Chapter 05:

Umbrella Sword Chapter 05

Chapter 06:

Umbrella Sword Chapter 06

Chapter 07:

Umbrella Sword Chapter 07

Chapter 08:

Umbrella Sword Chapter 08

Chapter 09:

Umbrella Sword Chapter 09

Chapter 10:

Umbrella Sword Chapter 10

Chapter 11:

Umbrella Sword Chapter 11

Chapter 12:

Umbrella Sword Chapter 12

Chapter 13:

Umbrella Sword Chapter 13

Chapter 14:

Umbrella Sword Chapter 14


Umbrella Sword Fanart

(Or download it from HERE.)

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Last chapter of Bonfire NEET translated (for the time being)

Hey, guys, it only took me two years and 2 months, but I have finally finished translating all chapters of Bonfire NEET that are out there. If you've read the last chapter, you'll find that it's the most frustrating point Nikiichi Tobita could have chosen for a hiatus, but on the other hand, it makes me think that he will actually pick it up again one day because it's such a cliffhanger moment. Another thing that gives me hope is that this isn't the first time the series was put on hold. In fact, the 32nd chapter of volume 4 was posted on pixiv in June, 2013, while the last chapter, chapter 1 of volume 5, was posted in February, 2015. In other words, he already put the series on hold once and picked it up after 8 months. And that was after he became a professional manga artist. So, let's just hope that he picks it up again.

Even though I'm sad that there is no new Bonfire NEET chapter to translate, I'm also glad that I was able to finish another big project (for now). This manga has taught me not to mess with long series again. But don't worry, if I find another really good long series, I doubt I can resist not picking it up. I will try to translate shorter manga from now on though. Actually, I have already decided on my next project. I'm sure you'll like it, so please look forward to it. Needless to say, if there is a new chapter of Bonfire NEET, I'll translate it, of course.

Here's a nice picture of Baki and Slan I found on Niikichi Tobita's pixiv account that he didn't include in any of the chapters:

(In the image, Baki is apologizing on behalf of Niikichi Tobita because he hasn't found any time to update Bonfire NEET.)

Until next time, guys. Enjoy the chapter HERE.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Sites hosted in Google Drive migrated to Firebase

Hello, everyone. Due to Google Drive's deprecation of their web hosting feature finally kicking in, I had to migrate a number of my sites to Firebase, which obviously caused their URLs to change.

The Molester Man threads can be accessed via the URL:
The FapWatchBird threads:
The CanBadge thread:

It worked like a charm (took  me only about 15 minutes), and the URLs are neater than the old ones, which always had this horrible 0B-xA8jb-RyyKZDVvSDhVZU9fWEU part in them.

So, if anyone of you cares about the threads, update your bookmarks.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Stretch has ended

The final Stretch chapter has been released today. Albeit surprising, it wasn't completely unexpected what with Stretch having covered pretty much everything about stretching. If it'd been a normal series, it might have gone on longer, but it started out as a series about stretching after all. I'm not a fan of this type of endings, but I guess not every manga can have a satisfying ending like Molester Man. I really liked Ran, Keiko, Saki, and their interactions though. It's interesting how conversations in manga are easy for me to translate if they're natural and well-written. Stretch was very good in that aspect. If it'd been for me, I would have turned it into one of those endless series.

Chapter 45 [END]:
Stretch 045 [END]

akili's final comment:

This is the end of Ran and Keiko's living together.

It's gotten a lot longer than planned, but it's thanks to the readers' comments that I was able to draw 45 chapters. Thank you very much.

I'm planning on drawing more for the 4th volume than for the other volumes. There might even be a sequel. Please look forward to it.

Now that Stretch has finished, I'll be able to focus on Bonfire NEET. And once that's finished too, I'll make sure to pick up another interesting web manga. Look forward to it!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

OPM files taken down

Hey, guys. Maybe some of you have already noticed that the OPM chapters in my Mediafile folder have been taken down. Since OPM was licensed by VIZ Media years ago, I suppose it was only a matter of time. It's why I quit translating OPM in November, 2013 in the first place. Now I'm just glad the other files in my Mediafile folder weren't taken down, or even worse, my account wasn't deleted. That means, you can still download the other manga. I guess I'll stick to my original rule of only translating doujins and more obscure web manga from now on.

Back when I started translating OPM, hardly anyone in the English speaking world knew about OPM, and my goal was to get as many people as possible to experience the awesomeness of the Caped Baldy. I think we reached that point a long time ago, and now with the anime adaptation, OPM is one of the most famous anime/manga franchises in the world. I count myself lucky that I was able to take part in that process. Thank you very much.

Please make sure to read Stretch, Bonfire NEET (I've just released a new chapter after months? A year?), and the Molester Man threads.

UPDATE: Not only was my Mediafire account deleted later on, I even had to take down all posts about OPM now because I still keep getting DMCA notices about them even though I've long removed any links to my scanlations. It's a bummer, but what can I do? I don't want to lose my blog because of a few empty posts about OPM. I hope you guys understand.